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ElectionsVote“A fat paunch never breeds fine thoughts.”— St. Jerome, 340-420 A.D.  I’ve always embraced the word, “Gluttony.” It reminds me of a peaceful seaside village in the south of France where the men wear berets an(more..)

ElectionsVote“My mother didn’t breast-feed me. She said she like me as a friend.”— Rodney Dangerfield Perhaps the biggest decision a parent will make — outside of “No. You May Not Take The Six Merchant Marines To Your Winter F(more..)

ElectionsVoteCONGRATULATIONS DOM BOSTROMS in NEW HLBRA, CA!! — Down to the balls of our pretty pink feet we, at Publisher's Clearing House, are delighted to inform you that YOU HAVE ALREADY $5,000 FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! We don't know about you, but w(more..)

ElectionsVoteBeing an alleged author, sometimes I am visited by requests to read the short stories, screenplays or novels of budding writers. Which can be tough. For one thing, if not kill, such a request can certainly can dent a friendship. Novelists real and im(more..)

ElectionsVoteNewhall’s most famous citizen is William S. Hart. He was the silent film star who created the modern model for the movie cowboy. I’ve got tons of little tidbits about the SCV’s legendary actor, but let’s start with 7 tidbits n(more..)

ElectionsVoteHumans are the strangest creatures. We often worship the inane to evil. Lucky us. Newhall doesn’t an Adolph Hitler January White Sale. Canyon Country doesn’t host Charles Manson Dollar Daze nor does the Northeast Greater Valencia Chamber (more..)

ElectionsVoteAfter nearly three decades of doomed-to-failure resolutions, I’ve come to believe that the meaning of New Year’s is office supplies. I unearthed a diary of mine from my early 20s. To my horror, I discovered that many of the nagging short(more..)

ElectionsVoteDear Friends, Family & Parole Officer Det. Bartell, This can’t be 26 years I’ve been sending out the Xmas letter. But, I checked the scrapbook/family album ’cause 19 years ago, from early November to mid December, there I was, (more..)

ElectionsVoteThere’s the old joke that the Electoral College has no football team, no cheerleaders, no classrooms and certainly, no campus. We should change that. The Electoral College should move to the Santa Clarita Valley, specifically somewhere close t(more..)

ElectionsVoteRecently, we were able to sit down with Jesus. An angel set up the details for the hour-long interview. The Master Teacher’s requests were simple: No cameras. No tape recorders. We met at a bench at a quiet local park in midweek. He was dressed(more..)

ElectionsVoteWhen I was seven, I found a complete and unused cigarette on a department store floor and pocketed it. I took it home. When my dad was off at work, I lit it up to see what all this alleged adult smoking hoopla was about. The problem was, we were a m(more..)

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