I don’t know about your experience in 2016, but you probably shared enough of the year with me to know what my headline here is talking about.

Now is our chance to finally flee from 2016

In fact, I will remember 2016 as the only year of my life that I have spent largely trying to flee from my fellow people.

In this way, I think I am beginning to fulfill a prophecy that the late great American entertainer Ann Miller (“Kiss Me, Kate”) said about me when we met in 1979 as I interviewed her for a New York newspaper..  The occasion was the Broadway opening of  “Sugar Babies, starring her and Mickey Rooney.  It was then Miller told me I reminded her of her old boyfriend, Howard Hughes.

Her words have stayed with me and in a couple of instances they have influenced my life.  Unfortunately they did not influence me to become a billionaire or to any way emulate the Howard Hughes way of mixing “guts and brains.” But in 1985 I did think of what Anne Miller said when I volunteered at the Ellington, Conn. Skydiving Center to become a guinea pig to test the new tandem skydiving method on its way to becoming FAA sanctioned.   The tandem I tested did not have a drogue stabilizing chute later added to control the speed, so I managed to feel like Hughes in his Spruce Goose as I became a kind of test co-pilot for systems that would not work in the sky.  As with Hughes in is Spruce Goose, it was not a nice experience.

And in 2016 I thought of Howard Hughes again as I used his system of taking off my clothes to fortify my hibernation from other people.

I don’t mean taking off all my clothes like Howard Hughes.  I just now prefer to put on my old-man pajamas when I come home from my teaching job.  For some reason, me moping around in my home in my old-man pajamas has succeeded in keeping people stir clear from me.  Even my wife is tired of it.

I even changed my phone number so old friends could not reach me in 2016.

The reason for my hibernation in that year was that Election Year 2016 turned Americans into Republicans and Democrats.  That is, they were turning into monsters for me, me being neither Republican nor Democrat.

So my thoughts throughout the year was how could anyone support either the corrupt Trump or the corrupt Clintons – both sides brazenly accepting money from enemy nations through nefarious laundry machines that made the saga of “The Godfather” look like harmless Family Feud games.  The only way I figured any person could support either candidate was by the supporter going crazy.

And I didn’t feel like a allowing a lot of Election year crazy people finding me in 2016.

But now that the Election Year hysteria is finally fading away, I see Republicans and Democrats also disappearing,  and at the same time, I see more Americans coming back into the picture.

It’s time to get back in the saddle again.

Chris Sharp- Commentary

Chris Sharp is an Educator and a prize-winning professional writer. He has recently published a new book titled How to Like a Human Being . His commentaries represent his own opinions and not necessarily the views of any organization he may be affiliated with or those of The SCV Beacon