Since writing several commentaries and calling out the opponents of the Chiquita Canyon Landfill on their phony claims of health issues, the crickets have been chirping in Val Verde. That is because I have sighted the clear health risks associated with the septic systems in that community and the fact that Los Angeles County should be doing a door to door inspection to make sure that the residents are in compliance with maintaining those septic systems.

The Val Verde community doesn’t want any inspections or testing done because there are potential violations with the septic systems that may be causing health risks to the community and are likely contaminating the ground water. The reality is that Val Verde should have a mainline sewer system installed throughout that community—but that is exactly what they don’t want because it then makes that area more attractive to development.

Unfortunately, Steve Lee and others have brought the spotlight onto the Val Verde community with their ridiculous accusations, out-of-context and misinterpretation of the facts, and bogus falsehoods. They continue to say that there are unsubstantiated health issues and are trying to blame it all on the landfill, which has operated responsibly for more than forty years. He and others are nothing more than bullies that want to shout down anyone with a different viewpoint.

I am calling on the appropriate Los Angeles County departments and the Supervisors office to take the initiative and send inspectors to Val Verde. The drumbeat of health issues has now brought to bear the need to investigate and make sure that the greater Santa Clarita Valley is not at risk due to the malfeasance of those pseudo-activists attempting to throw blame elsewhere. It is now the responsibility of County government to make sure that proper sanitation is being maintained in Val Verde so that the precious water table is not being adversely contaminated and that residents are not being subjected to unnecessary health risks due to the carelessness of a few.

Only with a thorough investigation and scientific testing of the Val Verde community can the true picture of the health in the area be evaluated. Without it, those spreading rumor and innuendo will continue to dupe the unsuspecting and gullible with fear and lies. The opponents of the landfill should embrace this testing so that the full environmental picture of the area can be accessed, if they oppose it then you must ask yourself why. The answer is easy, there are many issues in Val Verde!

Los Angeles County should step up to reassure the public that their health is not being jeopardized by the hidden dangers of a community that may have septic system contamination beneath its very foundations. If the County does nothing, then they are complicit if the health issues actually materialize due to the failed septic tanks and others problems in Val Verde. 

Dave Bossert-- Commentary      

Dave Bossert is a community volunteer who serves on several boards and councils. His commentaries represent his own opinions and not necessarily the views of any organization he may be affiliated with or those of The SCV Beacon.